We welcome partnership with individuals and corporate organizations in any of these areas:

  • In-Kind Donations
  • Host awareness events
  • Mentorship
  • Monthly Recurring Donations
  • Volunteerism: Feel free to volunteer with the Foundation by indicating the areas below, you may be interested in by sending us an email to info@omsfoundation.org.ng
    • Social Media Support
    • Project Execution Support
    • Fundraising Support
    • Free Consulting
    • Pro bono legal support
    • Internship support to our OMSF graduates
    • others
  • One-Off Donation
  • Scholarship program- Sponsor A Child
  • Sponsor the OMSF Memorial Charity Golf Tournament
  • Corporate Partnership/Support

Sponsorship Details

PART 1- Program Sponsorship

  1. Scholarship program: (to sponsor a less privileged Childs education)
  2. Sponsor the Foundations programs- mentorship project

PART 2 – Event sponsorship

  1. Sponsor awareness walk program (etc.)
  2. The foundation will float spaces for adverts from corporate donors etc.
  3. Sponsor the annual golf tournament

PART 3- Orphanage sponsorship

  • Food Stuff (Rice, beans, garri, semovita, yam flour (amala) yam, eggs, cereals, plantain, potatoe, spaghetti, Cooking oil-vegetable & red oil, indomine noodles, chicken, meat, fish)
  • Beverages (Milo/bournvita , milk, cereals, quaker oat, golden morn custard, SMA Gold/progress, sugar, cerelac /nutrend, )
  • Equipment (Generating set 20 KVA, inverter, solar)
  • Spices (curry, thyme, seasonings, cooking salt)
  • Diesel
  • Fridge/ Freezer
  • Kitchen Utensils (stove, gas ,Cooking pot, plastic plates, cups, spoons, frying pans, knives)
  • Medical donations (drugs- antibiotics, blood tonic, capsule, multi-vitamins)
  • Educational Materials (School bags, shoes, rain coat, books, water bottels, food flask)
  • Library needs (Computers, Chairs, reading tables, inspirational books, shelves)
  • Toiletries (hair &body cream, air-freshner, Nappies-towel or pampers, washing & bathing soap, powder, tooth paste& brush, detergent, toilet rolls, disinfectants, )
  • Beddings(pillow case, bed sheets, slippers etc.)